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Car accident injuries often come with a great deal of pain. Sometimes the pain is immediate and can be reduced with time and pain medications. Other times, pain becomes chronic and requires long-term treatment methods. As such, pain management is an essential part of our holistic approach to the treatment of car accident injuries.

As the name suggests, pain management is a medical discipline focusing on treating and relieving pain. Doctors who specialize in pain management exclusively study painful conditions and methods to reduce pain in patients. There are several pain relief tools and techniques that a pain physician may employ including, prescription pain medications, injection therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and more.

Our pain management team treats patients with the following types of pain from car accidents:

  • Neck pain from whiplash
  • Back pain
  • Pain in the legs, including sciatica pain
  • Headaches
  • And more

Pain is a complex issue that is not fully understood. Treating pain is equally complex and requires a skilled team of medical professionals to provide comprehensive care.

A physician or nurse practitioner evaluates and coordinates care over all the disciplines for each patient. They act as the captain of the ship, communicating with doctors at every level to ensure the most complete treatment. This is a unique feature that similar clinics do not offer.

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